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IndieSpectrum Radio's has been down for some time, sorry. We have always used the same web and stream hosting service as it is inexspensive at $20 per month, but their support is terrible.

Apparently they shut down the stream server but left the web page up because there is a past due balance of $314, probably because I got a new charge card but they did not notify me in any way.

I have no intention of paying the $314 balance as I get little or no support from listeners. I have spent over $4000 (web/stream server, and electricity) to run the station since Nov 2007. I have gotten less than $1000 from listener support in all those years. I got one $10 donation to support the station all of last year!!

I would like to thank the many SL musicians have supported the station by doing live shows for free. Those shows took a lot of time for Gigi and I and those tips shared with Gigi, my co-host. Those tips did not come close to paying the station operating costs, much less paying for Gigi's and my time to run the shows.

The only way I can continue paying to run the station is if I get enough support through donations to pay the outstanding server costs and future server costs.

I do have enough bandwidth to run my own web and Shoutcast server but I would need expert help from a good IT person to make that happen. If someone would like to help with that, it would save the station, otherwise I need dontations to pay the outstanding bill and future expenses.

If you would like to see IndieSpectrum Radio continue supporting live music in SL please feel free to donate, Fox Reinsch in world or PayPal to

I am sorry to stop supporting live music and shut down the station but if I get enough help and/or finacial support I would like to continue.

Thank you,

Fox Reinsch


Artists who recently sent new music

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Val's Pixelmaid

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Zorch Boomhauer

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Lexie Luan

Lexie Luan

Lexie Smith

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Chip Takas

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Roy Taylor

KJJeff Kohn

KJJeff Kohn




Jim Cook

Chip Takacs

Chip Takas

Michael Taska

Cori Arkright

Corialote dougall


Marqs DeSade

Marqs DeSade


JimStewart Rain

JimStewart Rain

Jim Stewart


Cellshader Resident

MrMulti Writer

Mrmulti Writer

Michael Wells

A Limb

MReblack Resident

Klotho Enzyme

Klotho Enzyme

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